Fasten the band on loosest fastening

Ensure the band is level all the way around

Reach in to the cup on move all of your breast tissue into the cup


The majority of support should come from the band, not the straps. Try to wear the smallest band size that fits comfortably. If the cups seem too small, try larger cup size before trying a longer band size

The band should be tight enough to comfortably allow just two fingers underneath the band

The band is too loose if:
– The bra rides up at the back
– You can place than two fingers underneath the band

The band is too tight if:
– It is painful or feels restrictive when talking a deep breath
– You can’t comfortably fit two fingers underneath the band


The centre gore should sit flat against the sternum between the breast. All of the your breast tissue should be contained within the cup and with no bulging
The cups are too small:
– The breast tissue bulges over, under or at the sides of the cup
– The centre core is lifting off the rib cage
The cups ae too big if:
– The are wrinkling or gaping


The starps should be firm, but not painful

The straps are too tight if:
– They cause pain and discomfort in the shoulders
– They pull the back of the bra up

The straps are too loose if:
– They fall off the shoulders
– The breasts are sagging down at the front

Images copyright: Katherine Hamilton