“Fashion, Style and Quality” – Nikol Djumon Lingerie

The name of the brand is based on a family legend: Madame Dumont, an ancestor of the owners, lived in France in the 18th century as a talented modiste and created hand-made underwear for fashion-conscious clients. Then she became a European fabric supplier to Latvian lingerie manufacturers for three generations. She spent much of her life in Paris, where she gained her expertise and fashion experience. Her reputation ultimately inspired the family to launch their first lingerie line in 2004 and continue the brand’s tradition. Madame Dumont’s lingerie sketches, which became a family inheritance, inspired Nikol Djumon designers to create modern and elegant collections.

The fit of the Nikol Djumon lingerie meets the anatomy of the human body. Nikol Djumon lingerie helps with the beauty and balance of women silhouettes. The products come in a wide range of sizes – from 70A to 120G.

Much of the brand’s success is based on the brand’s diverse collections. They are made from a variety of materials: a blend of the finest fabrics such as embossed lace, embroidery, smooth microfiber fabrics such as ‘Sensitive Imago’ are combined to deliver unparalleled lingerie lines.

All of Nikol Djumon’s products are created and produced in the ancient city of Liepaja on the Baltic Sea coast in Latvia. The sewing is carried out using high-precision technology and modern equipment.

The brand is popular and sold in more than 30 countries on six continents, including France, Germany, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Australia and the United States.